Absolutely brilliant – Margaret Nicolson


I was a bit sceptical about it doing me any good, as i’ve been in agony for over a year now. The first time i tried it it was very painful afterwards and i thought of giving up, and of course i hadn’t read the brochure then, which does state this might be the case. I persevered, and it’s been absolutely brilliant. My foot is 80% better. I’m not limping as i was, and i get through a long day and night of being on my feet with not much pain, whereas before i used plantarcure, my foot was agony by the time i would get home late at night. I’ve been telling my friends how fantastic it is, and would highly recommend it to anyone suffering as i am with foot pain on a daily basis. It was just by chance i saw it online as i was looking at a sock at the time, decided to click on it, and downloaded the information thinking it would be of no use whatsoever. Being on a tight budget, and it being £30, i didn’t want to spend that money without being very sure it would help, though the reviews were good. Since you sent me the £5 voucher a few days later, i thought i’d give it a try, and it’s been worth every penny.
Thank you.
Margaret Nicolson