Fitting the strap – a closer look

We occasionally get customers asking how to fit the strap, or having to wrap the strap over the body of the device to make a tight fit.  The following photographs show the fitting and how the strap is meant to be used so that it can fit on the smallest of feet. Note.. these show an older version of the device.

Step 1 – the strap as it is when unpacked

Step 2 – Opened out

Note the tab on the right hand side, next to the buckle.  This should be on the upper side.

Step 3 – Fit the device

Slide the device onto the strap and secure under the tab.

Step 4 – Loop the strap

Loop the strap and thread through the buckle, then bend the strap back on itself.

Step 5 – Close the loop

Here the strap has been fully closed which allows fitting to almost any size foot or ankle.

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