“the pain is on most days 95% better” – R. Gooderson

I bought the Plantarcure but was rather sceptical that it would actually help me. I’ve been in so much pain with planter fasciitis over the past 3 months that I just had to give it a try and I’m so pleased I did. After 3 or 4 days the pain in my foot had improved considerably and now after over a month the pain is on most days 95% better. A fantastic product that I would strongly recommend to anyone who is suffering with the same condition as me.

“I’ve noticed a remarkable reduction in the intensity of pain” – Ikeola Adeuti

The plantarcure is really working like magic for my planter fasciitis, I read about it on the internet, I’ve been having severe pain in my left heel for almost a year now, I’ve changed virtually all my shoes and it’s like the pain was getting worse but since I’ve been using the plantarcure I’ve noticed a remarkable reduction in the intensity of pain, I’ve started walking and gradually increasing my number of steps as that is the only exercise I do, am so very happy now and sure I will recommend it 100%.



“to my surprise I could walk normally” – Andrew Wright


I used the Plantarcure for three days, before embarking on a 4 hour drive in our car. Normally after driving for an hour or so if I stopped at a services or whatever, I would be hobbling for about 100metres, but to my surprise I could walk normally, though if I try to walk long distances I still suffer after a few hours on my feet.

I have now been using the Plantarcure for about 5 weeks and still have pain from the Plantar Facitus, though not nearly as bad as it was.

I have suffered from Plantar Faciitus for two years and feel that at long last I am getting somewhere, I was getting no release at all before using the Plantarcure.

I am hopeful that with my other stretching exercises and ice packs occasionally I will be able to free myself of the painful condition, though any further tips would not be ignored.

Regards Andrew

As soon as I use it I can walk without pain – Carolyne Charles


I must say this is a brilliant product I started to feel the benefit in a matter of days I can’t go anywhere without it!!

I’m still using three times a day for ten minutes per use

I have to use this  before I get out of bed as I still can’t put my foot down without pain.

As soon as I use it I can walk without pain.

Amazing and hopefully with time it will improve further.

Kind Regards


“miracle device” – Lisa Diskin

Hi there,

Cant begin to tell you how much better my foot is now that I am using this miracle device. I am back at he physio next week and will be letting her know my little secret for walking into the room without limping!

Lisa Diskin

I wouldn’t be without it – Sarah O’Connor

I ordered my Plantarcure about 1 month ago and instantly felt the benefits. After a few weeks of using it, as per instructions, it unexpectedly wouldn’t switch on. The pain returned hard and fast so I quickly got on the phone to the Plantarcure customer care team and without hesitation, they sent me a new Plantarcure.

I’m not sure if anyone else experienced something similar but these things happen. I was very pleased with the promptness and service received so thank you Plantarcure, I wouldn’t be without it.

Many thanks,

Sarah O’Connor