Using it for a few days made it so much better – Jo Denton


I am really happy that I have found this little device.
I broke my ankle last year and recently had been experiencing pain behind the ankle in the Achilles tendon also a sharp pain in the heel. It was a chance that it would help. I am pleased to report that it has. I was amazed that even using it for a few days made it so much better, in fact at times I had no pain at all, which after having extreme pain was amazing. I use the device 3 times a day if I can if not twice but it works and I wouldn’t give it up. The only thing I would say is I find it hard getting the battery in and out when changing it, it’s very fiddly. And it would be better with an AA rather than AAA. Maybe it would last longer.

Best Regards
Jo Denton

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