I would rate the plantarcure 10 out of 10 – Helen Wallis

Good morning

Thank you for contacting me about the ” Plantarcure” I purchased recently. I am pleased to say I think it is very good. I have been using it as instructed in the leaflet, not as often at first, but my ‘ plantar fasciitis ‘ is a lot better. It’s not 100% better but I would say 80% ! ! ….the product is easy to use, & I have told my Chiropodist about it & she is very interested in seeing the product. If I could just make one comment. My pain is / was in my heel on the inner side. The Velcro band is difficult to fix at this angle so I wrap it over the top of the machine ( as well as through it ) and it fixes ok but I have a small foot ( size 5) I am not sure on a man’s foot that the band would be big enough to go round & still fix to itself. All in all I would rate the Plantarcure 10 out of 10 … so thank you ! Maybe to help others it needs more advertising on the web !! …that’s how I found it but after lots of research !

Kindest regards & many thanks for making my every step a little less ” ouch ” !

Helen Wallis

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