Thank you for this gadget – Julie Marshall

Hi .

I’m away touring Europe at the moment and so my routine is very different. I cycle most of the time as my foot is too bad to do too much with . Although my specialist tells me that cycling is still using the plantar fascia as much, I rely on my bicycle a lot . I do think this little gadget is helping me. At least I have something other than an ice pack to help sooth me. And I do feel more able the next day. I had plantar fasciitis in my left foot for 5 years. Which was treated with injections (3) and 3 lots of sound wave therapy. I was chronic. This right foot has had plantar fasciitis now for 15 months. I have now retired and so my lifestyle as a full time hairdresser on my feet all day, to a trying to be mobile person ,has had a huge difference on the way I treat my feet and find I can control the usage on my feet . However it is still very life changing because of the huge restrictions I have to put on the usage of my foot. I always start the day with say 5.000 foot steps. And when they are used up I’m off my foot !! Now I can look forward to putting on my heal ease . So thank you for this gadget which as I said before I’m sure helps out . But if you develop anything new I would always be willing to try it out. I would be a really good experiment for you because of my history with this miserable condition.

Julie Marshall.

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