Very impressed with it thus far – Claire Read’s daughter

I bought this item for my daughter. Here are her comments.

I’d just say that I really, really like it and am very impressed with it thus far. And I feel it does certainly help ease the pain and aid healing somewhat, but I do find that the edges of the device can dig into my feet a little bit, which can be painful if it is placed on my foot in a position that causes it to dig in. Can’t really explain, but that’s just my critique. There’s a slight raise on the bottom of the product (I’m not talking about the vibrational massager nub) that’s sort of like a ledge, and that can really dig in and it really hurts, so I have to make sure to not have it too tight and to not put it in certain positions. I find this quite poor, but besides that, I really love this product and it has certainly helped.

Claire Read