Would greatly recommend this device to other sufferer’s – Judith Gerry

I’ve had PF for nearly a year and after two visits to the Doctor’s no real benefit was found. Some mornings I could hardly walk when I got up and had to use a walking stick, also a lot of pain.

My friend shared Plantarcure on Facebook and I thought I would try the device as no physio/further treatment was offered by the doctor’s.

The first few days of using I would say I was in more pain but this settled down, I use twice a day and although not gone it’s manageable. I’m hoping with continued exercise and use of plantarcure it will all but disappear.

Just a point I did have chronic Achilles tendonitis in the same foot and wonder if this is why I got PF in those foot only!

Would greatly recommend this device to other sufferer’s.

Kind Regards

Judith Gerry