I would describe it as one of my best purchases ever!! – Glyn Jones

Dear Oliver,

Approximately three years ago whilst walking in the hills of Snowdonia with a group of primary school children,I experienced a horrible pain under my right heel.
My G.P. confirmed that it was a case of plantar faciitis and advised me to exercise my foot.Gradually after a few months, the pain subsided and I was back to playing 5 a side soccer and walking in the hills.

About six weeks ago whilst playing 5 a side soccer, I felt what seemed like a rubber band snapping in my heel. The pain was awful and I once again visited my G.P.afraid that the plantar had become detached from my heel.Not so he said as my arch would have collapsed if that was the case. He offered pain killers and suggested exercise as the first course of action. I declined the painkillers as I think one can do more harm to the injury under their influence.

Searching the internet for information about the condition, I came across your website. I thought that the Plantarcure looked interesting and ordered one as I had nothing to lose. When it arrived a few days later, I immediately used it and was amazed at the relief it gave me even after the first two ten minute sessions. I was able to walk without hobbling,the pain subsided further with regular use and although it will probably be a few more weeks/months before I’m back running and displaying my 58 year old skills on the 5 a side pitch, I would describe it as one of my best purchases ever!!

Last week my father in law developed what sounds like another case of the dreaded p.f. so I ordered another Plantarcure and he has been using it since last Monday – I’ve not had a report from him as yet but hopefully he will experience the same relief that I did.

Many thanks indeed for such a great product!

Kind regards

Glyn Jones