Absolutely brilliant!! Thank you so much – Rose Hancocks


Thank you for your email – I’ve been meaning to contact you to leave a review.

The Plantarcure has been brilliant at alleviating the pain of my plantar fasciitis and promoting healing.

After approximately four months of severe foot pain, I started seeing an NHS physiotherapist who recommended certain exercises. Unfortunately, I couldn’t continue with his programme as my condition was deteriorating.

At this stage, he referred me for an ultra sound examination at the hospital with a view to shock wave therapy but I am still awaiting my initial appointment there.

At this stage, I decided to look for any other help I could find and saw your product on the Internet. When it arrived, I immediately started using it as instructed and, after approximately three weeks use (as you suggested), there was a real, noticeable improvement.

The symptoms continue to subside to the point where I would almost say my problem is completely cured!!!

Absolutely brilliant!! Thank you so much – I would thoroughly recommend this product based on my experience!

Kind Regards,
Rose Hancocks