Many thanks for your product it’s superb – Janice Davies

Dear team,

I am really impressed with the plantarcure device, it has made such a difference and this coupled with icing and stretching has resulted in my fasciitis (in both feet) becoming much more bearable and I am able to go back to gentle sports.

The results from the plantarcure alone was really noticeable even after the first use, in my opinion it had a better effect than the steroid injection.
I am a retired registered nurse and had fully investigated my options re treatment and was impressed that this is sanctioned by NICE.

My only regret is that the GP was not aware of this device. I will be sending him some info regarding this as I know he has an interest in this area. Or if you prefer maybe you would like to inform him? Seems a shame that so many people suffer from this condition and very little research has been done around it and it is so debilitating.

Many thanks for your product it’s superb. I will recommend to all as it works.

Kind regards
Jan Davies

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