Definite improvement in the first 2-3 weeks – Alistair Chalmers

Too early to give a full report, but i certainly have confidence.

Initially excellent, 50% better within a week, but then back to the start, but probably because I made the mistake of thinking I was healed ( no pun intended) more than I actually was.

An easy mistake to make, i was so behind in my work, I guess I over did it.

So now I am backing off and resting more, to promote healing, and making slow but steady progress. It was good to walk around town without a limp for the first time in years.

I guess its a case of how good it gets as I already wouldnt be without it. Whether it cures it totally, or a significant improvement, I will take whatever it gives.

A similar thing cured my friends golfer elbow.
( tennis elbow if your from wmbledon).

Already recommended it to a nurse friend of mine as, definite improvement in the first 2-3 weeks.

Regards Alistair