I would definitely recommend it – Sheila Tuckwell


I am very pleased with my Plantarcure purchase. The device definitely helps to relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis and makes walking much more comfortable. As a dog walker I have found that invaluable! I feel also that using the device regularly (as recommended) is helping my ligament to heal more quickly; I suffered previously with the same complaint in my other foot and the healing process was a lot slower without the benefit of Plantarcure. I would definitely recommend it.

I notice that the instructions state that you should only use it on your heel – I am interested to know why, as I feel it would be of benefit on my shoulder. I have been diagnosed with Impingement Syndrome, and steroid injections have not been of much use. If you have time to reply to me, I’d be interested and grateful to know if the same technology could be of use on my shoulder.

Thank you.