A terrific little implement that does what it says – Catherine King

I purchased the Plantarcure as I was searching the internet to see if I could find what the pain was in my foot. Was not recommended nor even mentioned that I could use this. So I just thought well, I’ll give it a go and can I say I am so glad I did. I used it faithfully for three weeks and my problem disappeared. I have felt it again a couple of times and I went straight to get it. I forgot I had lent it to my grand-daughter the last time so I ordered another and it was received in a couple of days. A terrific little implement that does what it says. I used it three times a day for five days and the pain went away. My grand-daughter needed it a bit longer as she was coming out of a broken ankle. It did remove the pain after five weeks for her. A great little tool to have in the house. You never know the minute. Delighted with the Plantarcure.

Thank you so much