Within a week I started to feel less pain – Mandy Wright

Dear Plantarcure people,

I would be delighted to give you feedback!

I have suffered badly from PF since February. On bad days it’s like walking with acid filled needles stabbing my heel. On good days it’s like walking on a fresh bruise. I bought your device 3 weeks ago after my hospital appointment to get a steroid injection was cancelled. Within a week I started to feel less pain. Three weeks in I can walk my dog and do normal chores up to lunchtime entirely pain free! It’s still sore from lunchtime on but I live in hope. Even if it doesn’t get better than this, it has still made a huge difference. Thank you!

One suggestion: your instructions make no mention of the best position to have my foot in whilst wearing the device. I had to email for guidance. Perhaps just a sentence saying it doesn’t matter whether you have your foot down or the floor or up would be helpful.

Yours with much gratitude,

Mandy Wright