I am over the moon with the results – Rosalie Holland

Wow this little device has given me my life back. 😊

Having suffered with severe plantar fasciitis for over 10 years & had countless steroid injections into both feet using ultrasound, I had given up hope of EVER being to walk properly and without pain.

I have tried everything on the market without success, physio & excercise. Then I came across heel ease on my phone. Should I waste more money I asked myself? but what the heck, I was in pain even when in bed & not walking.

I was very sceptical when my little parcel arrived, but within a week I noticed a difference. Several weeks on ,I am over the moon with the results. Still have some pain but over 50% improvement – maybe more. Friends & family comment on how I no longer ‘limp’

So all I need now is to order a second unit in case my new best friend ever wears out!!!

Thank You 🙏
Rosalie Holland