“to my surprise I could walk normally” – Andrew Wright


I used the Plantarcure for three days, before embarking on a 4 hour drive in our car. Normally after driving for an hour or so if I stopped at a services or whatever, I would be hobbling for about 100metres, but to my surprise I could walk normally, though if I try to walk long distances I still suffer after a few hours on my feet.

I have now been using the Plantarcure for about 5 weeks and still have pain from the Plantar Facitus, though not nearly as bad as it was.

I have suffered from Plantar Faciitus for two years and feel that at long last I am getting somewhere, I was getting no release at all before using the Plantarcure.

I am hopeful that with my other stretching exercises and ice packs occasionally I will be able to free myself of the painful condition, though any further tips would not be ignored.

Regards Andrew