I can’t praise it enough – Ros Wheeler

Hi There

I have to say, I am THRILLED with it!

I had three Shock Wave Therapy treatments at my local Hospital, having been referred by my Doctor, and although they kicked started the healing process of my Plantar Fasciitis, 3 sessions weren’t quite enough, hence the purchase of Plantarcure.

I purchased Plantarcure on 15/10/16 and have used it 7 times since then. I seem to need it after food shopping days & ironing sessions, which says to me periods of inactivity or slow ambling. I am still doing the suggested exercises by a Podiatrist, and coupled with the 10 minute Plantarcure sessions I have had, I am active again and life is so much better 😊

I can’t praise it enough. I was pretty well out of action for 9 months and I am positively ‘crowing’ about Plantarcure to everyone who knew I was suffering.

Kind regards

Ros Wheeler