“the ever present pain was no longer there” – Lesley Davies

I ordered my plantarcure on Saturday 28th January and I received it on Thursday 2nd February so I was really pleased with how quickly it arrived.

I ordered it after a full day of walking around Liverpool city centre on the Friday before and I was in agony on the Saturday, which is what prompted me to order it, I had seen advertisements for your product on Facebook, I think a friend tagged me in on it, I was skeptical, but after seeing it was 100% money back guaranteed if I wasn’t completely satisfied, I thought why not give it a go, it is a win, win either way.

I started to use the product straight away and after around four or five days I noticed the ever present pain was no longer there.

I religiously use this for three ten minute blasts a day and I have to say I am pleased with the results so far, I haven’t yet put it to the test of walking any distance or for any length of time, but I think my condition is so severe it may take a while longer.

Kind Regards,

Lesley Davies