I get out of bed in the morning and can stand without pain – Jo Trollip

I am very pleased with the results – I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis for 3 years now, it is a full time job to manage my foot pain, every morning starts with foot pain management! Not to mention the fortune I have spent on shoes and shoe supports. I have had injections in the worst heal, which only gave me a few weeks of relief, I have had physio as well. The pain in the right foot has been the worst, and I have become very despondent as it affects everything I do – so struggle to walk/exercise and have the viscous circle of weight loss vs. activity. I know Weight loss will help the feet, but am not active enough due to the pain when walking.

Within a week and a half of using Plantarcure, huge pain relief, I get out of bed in the morning and can stand without pain, I have been walking over 3 miles, with little pain – I still have discomfort, but for the first time in years feel that there is progress! Without pain meds! After using Plantarcure the first few days, I seemed to suffer a set back, as my foot was extremely painful, however I persevered, and it started going better. It has made a big difference to me, so am hoping that with long term use, the condition will fully heal.

Thank you
Jo Trollip