Can’t recommend highly enough – Caroline Argyle

Sorry for the delay … I’ve rarely written reviews before but have been blown away by the Plantarcure … I became troubled with plantar fasciitis in April and was unable to walk very well, let alone run. I tried everything to alleviate the pain, sports massage, stretching & exercise, acupuncture, cortisone injections, insoles in shoes .. you name it, I tried it .. I stumbled across Plantarcure having done a search on Google and thought that at £40 what did I have to lose. I tried the Plantarcure on a Saturday night whilst watching TV and thought I’d go for a test 2 mile run on the Sunday. The pain hadn’t gone completely but there was a 95% improvement! I’m nowhere near what I used to run as it’s taking time to build up but run about 3, maybe 4 times a week – usually between 5 and 7 miles each time so I’m certainly testing my foot … there is the occasional twinge but I rarely notice any foot pain! Amazing. I continue to use the Plantarcure pretty much every night. Can’t recommend highly enough. Nothing to lose. Wish I’d found it earlier then I wouldn’t have missed all my booked summer races … and saved a small fortune. Thank you. 😀

Many thanks